The rise of streaming video and online gaming, along with the increasing popularity of online gaming platforms like Twitch, has sparked interest in a new way of watching content on the internet.

Now, that’s exactly what one Redditor, a video game programmer who goes by The_Rage_God, is doing.

“I’ve been a gamer for years, and I’ve always wanted to get in on this game and see how it all works,” The_Coder writes.

“But the last thing I wanted to do was be in a game and not have an opportunity to watch it.

I was hoping to learn something new, but I’ve found it very hard to find a game that I’m interested in, because it’s very, very hard for me to watch a video.”

He added: “I don’t want to watch something that’s just a bunch of random clips.”

“This is a game I would rather not watch,” he wrote in a follow-up post, explaining why he decided to “stop watching videos.”

“I just want to be able to watch the game.

I just want my friends to watch games with me.”

The_Crush_God’s response to the question, “why not watch games online?” has drawn some attention, but not all.

“Some people think I’m making an example out of myself,” he writes, but he doesn’t really have a problem with that.

“There are some things I want to play, and some I don’t.

I am willing to watch any video game I want, and it’s not like I’m forcing anyone to watch me play.”

That being said, “I am also a little wary of making any sort of statement that my choice of platform is somehow a bad thing.

If I can just be like, ‘well, let’s not be jerks and let’s just watch something online.’

Then I’ll be fine.”

The _Coder explains he started his channel “in a big way” back in April, after “some people were interested in seeing how this game works.”

The channel is a place where people “get to play” games together, which is what people want most of the time.

“It is not meant to be the place to go and discuss anything, but it’s just like a good discussion point,” he says.

“You can talk about what you love about games and what you hate about games, and you can watch other people play games and enjoy the games you love.”

“It’s fun to watch people play together,” he continues.

“We have a lot of fun and it can be really weird.

There are a lot people that play the same games and just watch the videos.”

The games he plays include the popular FPS “Call of Duty: Black Ops” and the popular survival-horror game “Indie Royale.”

He’s also interested in “Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3,” “Call OF Duty: WWII” and “Call: Defense.”

“You might be familiar with them, but they are pretty different,” he said.

“So, I like watching them and have watched some of them, so I don.

That being the case, I started my channel and I want everyone to know about it.

There is a lot more to watch, so be sure to watch that, too.”

If you’re curious about what The_Titan_God has to say, here’s what he had to say in a recent AMA session: I started to watch more videos and more games.

I have a very,very hard time watching videos.

And I don’ think it’s a good thing to do, because I just think that it’s hard to be a gamer and be a part of it, because you’re not seeing the whole picture.

I also feel like it’s kind of unfair that I should have to watch video games and have to pay for them, even if I like it, and even if it’s good for my health.

I’m just trying to watch whatever I want.

I really like watching video games, so when you ask me, I don t have a specific answer.

I don,t know, I’m still trying to figure it out.

I want people to be like ‘why don’t you just watch it?’.

I donot want to see you guys playing it.

Why not watch something else?

If you just want me to play it, then just do it.

You can watch it with me, but if you want me just to watch my friends, then you don’t have to.

“The most interesting part of this whole thing is that people are trying to make their own choices,” he concludes.

“A lot of people are saying that they want to do this and they want a certain game or a certain genre, but people are also saying they dont want to pay, they want free, they don’t care. I think

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