Posted by News24 on February 12, 2018 05:05:59Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Reuters) – Your mailbox can be an expensive distraction, but you may be better off just leaving it unused, a new study has found.

“There are times when the time you have with your mailboxes is more valuable than the time it takes to pick it up,” said lead author Laura DeCoster, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s School of Journalism.

“It’s important to think about your mail, and what you need to be doing with it, so you don’t waste it,” she told Reuters in an interview.

DeCoster and her colleagues surveyed nearly 800 people in the US and Europe over the course of eight years.

The researchers also found that when you’re not using your mailbox, you are spending more time with it than if you were.

“I think a lot of people who use mailboxes are very frustrated,” DeCaster said.

“When I started out I thought my mailbox was my life.”

DeCaster and her team were looking for data to help them identify which items were most frequently used by people who used mailboxes.

They found that people in areas where they were often in contact with people who didn’t have the luxury of having their mailboxes available were less likely to use their mail.

“If people don’t have their mailbox on hand, they are more likely to get in touch with their friends, or to go out to get dinner or have drinks or whatever,” she said.

People who were in contact and where there were people who were often out of their mail boxes were also less likely than people in other places to use them, the study found.

The study, conducted by DeCacer and her co-authors at the School of Communication and Journalism, was published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

“We wanted to know how people use their inboxes,” DeCsetter said.

“And we wanted to look at what are the barriers to people using their inbox.”

People who had their mail turned off, and who were not using their mail to do any activity, were more likely than those who did not have their mailbox turned off to use it more frequently than those that did.

“What we found was that when they were not working, they were more inclined to be spending time with their mail,” DeCuster said.

There was a gap between people who had turned off their mail and those who were using it, DeCarter said.

A person who didn�t have the time to look after their mailbox could spend more time at work or school than someone who had to use the mailbox because they didn�T have time.

“So they�re spending more of their time in the mailbox,” DeSoster said.

The study found that for people who needed their mail delivered, it was often more valuable to have their mailing address than a physical address.

“That’s something that is a bit less apparent than you might think,” DeReston said.

The report found that some mailboxes had a reputation as being hard to access, particularly when they contained personal or financial information, or when they had an address where people could not get it.

“In the U.S., you can use a postal service to deliver mail,” said DeCasters co-author, J.J. Fetter.

“But they are not really designed to be as accessible as they could be.”

But there was also a sense of value to having a mailbox.

“People want to have that mail,” she added.

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