An advertisement for the lowest-paid job advertised on social media has drawn outrage from a local community.

The advertisement for a ‘high-profile’ job, in which the applicant will be paid a ‘fair’ salary, has attracted more than 7,000 comments on social network platforms.

The advert, posted on Instagram by a local resident of the city of Haryana, has been shared thousands of times and has attracted a strong response from social media users.

The job is advertised on a platform which has a low ‘Facebook’ rating and has a ‘zero rating’ option for ‘Facebook ads’.

The advertisement has also attracted criticism from social activists who say that the job posting violates the social contract that every person should be paid ‘fairly’.

The job advertisement says that the applicant “will be paid fair and fairly” for the job.

However, local activists say that this position is not the only ‘paid’ job available in the city.

“When a low income person wants a job, they would expect to get a fair salary.

However this job is a position that requires a minimum salary,” said a local activist who did not wish to be named.

“It is not fair that someone who earns less than $2,000 a month should have to work at a job that they can’t even afford.”

According to a local NGO, which works for social inclusion in the state, the ‘low-paid’ position will require the applicant to perform minimum chores and “in addition, will be a job in which they will have to make a lot of mistakes, and will also be dependent on their parents and other relatives”.

“This is a job which will also have to take into account the poor education of the applicant,” said the NGO activist.

The NGO says that in the past, the local government has required a ‘good reason’ for a person to be allowed to work in a low paid job.

“The government also stipulates that a person who earns below the minimum wage should not work in the job for more than a month,” said G.S. Dhawan, the organisation’s president.

“So the low-paid person who has been living in Haryanagar [the area where the job is located] for three years has been forced to work a job for less than three months, where he will have no time to exercise or take vacations.”

He added that the local council has been “playing politics” and “putting pressure” on the locals by saying that the ‘paid job’ is not appropriate.

“This advertisement is a blatant attempt to manipulate the local people by putting pressure on them,” said Dhawan.

The local NGO says it is not only the ‘pay’ that the individual who is looking for a job will be earning that is a problem, but also the ‘compensation’ that they are expected to earn.

“In the job that the person is applying for, they will not have a choice but to work for less.

It is not right that they should be forced to be a part of this society, as they have not been given any other choice,” said Vinod Patel, a member of the local community and activist.

“As the local economy is struggling, the people are being exploited,” said Patel.

“Many of them are poor, so this job, if it is good enough, is not a bad one.”

‘Low-paid jobs’ have been a big issue in the area, with a study conducted by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) last year showing that the majority of the job vacancies are not available to people from lower income brackets.

According to the study, the average income of the applicants who took part in the survey was Rs. 16,564.

This was also the average amount that the people earning the minimum salary of Rs. 7,067 paid into the Haryans Pension Scheme.

According the study by CSE, about 55% of the jobs available in Halyas city, are not for those who are poor or those with low income.

The survey also found that the average monthly salary for the low earners in Hallyas is Rs. 2,400.

“Low-income people need to be paid better than those earning the same income level.

They should be given a higher salary to compensate them for the time that they spend working for less,” said N.K. Pandey, an activist.

While the job advertisement has sparked controversy in the community, local politicians are quick to say that they have nothing against ‘low income’ job seekers.

“We are happy that the public has a platform to voice their grievances.

It shows that we are not afraid of anyone,” said Haryas district councillor N.M. Shambhu, adding that he is sure that the advertisement will not go unanswered.

The CSE also recently released a report stating that a total of 6.7 lakh jobs were advertised on the platform last year.

However the

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