In this article, we’ll show you all the ways to store shoes inside your box.


Keep your box free of dirt, debris, and dirt bags.

While it’s hard to be 100% sure of this, I would recommend to always keep the box clean and dry, and clean up any spills when they occur.


Use a box with removable dividers.

I use a box like this for the shoes in my shoe box, but if you can’t find a similar box that works for you, try this.


Store shoes inside of the box with a wide-mouth lid.

You can use a lid with a hole for your shoe to rest on, or you can use your favorite storage container for your shoes.


Use the lid to store food.

If you are not careful with your food, it can get stuck inside of your box and cause a lot of mess.


Add an extra compartment to your box to store more than one pair of shoes.

I always add a small opening on the lid so I can store up to two pairs of shoes inside.


Keep the box from touching the floor.

It can be a challenge keeping your shoes from touching your floor.

If you don’t have a sturdy box, you can always put it on the floor to make it easier to carry.


Add a lock.

Locks can make it harder to open your box, so if you are going to add a lock, it’s better to have a simple one that will only take one key.


Add pockets in your box for snacks and other personal items.

Pocket size: 5″ x 7.5″ x 4″ (14cm x 20cm x 11cm).


Add another compartment to the top of the lid.

If your box has a lid, add another small opening in the lid that will allow you to add additional items.

If there is not a lid or you add more than two items in the same space, you will need to purchase additional lid size.


Make sure you leave room for a toothbrush and other cleaning products.


Add padding.

This will make the box look larger and more sturdy, so it won’t get scratched, torn, or damaged by your hands.


Add shelves or shelves on the sides to keep your boxes organized.


Add two extra drawers to the lid, which will allow your shoes to be easier to store.


Add decorative wall hangings for your boxes.


Add the option of storing up to one pair shoes.

If a box has two or more pairs, you may need to add another drawers for each pair.


Add some additional storage for your shopping carts.


Add storage bins and a shelf for your clothes and other valuables.


Add one more drawer to the bottom of the door.


Add extra drawings to your boxes for your clothing and other accessories.


Add more shelves to keep items organized.

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