Posted by Mike Krieger at 12:31:10In recent years, a number of turtle species have been introduced into the U.S., but they’re often in an area where there aren’t many native turtles, and some have even been deemed endangered.

Turtles are a popular food source for people and wildlife.

But in many cases, they’re also an economic boon to local communities.

The box turtle is a member of the family Acinonyx javanica, which includes a number other turtle species, including the giant sandhill crane, the yellow-bellied box turtle and the black-belled box turtle.

They’re also closely related to the giant panda and other arthropods.

Acanonyx was introduced to the U, and it’s now found all over the United States, according to the American Ornithological Society, but it’s only been found in the western states of Colorado, Nevada and Washington.

Box turtles aren’t native to the United Sates, but they’ve been imported into the Pacific Northwest, which has its own box turtle population.

Box turtles are one of the most abundant invertebrates on Earth, but their numbers have been declining due to climate change.

The turtle’s diet has also been altered by pollution, habitat loss, and human activities, according the U of Oregon.

A study released earlier this year showed that some areas have lost their native turtles to the wild.

“It’s not just about habitat loss; it’s about people not wanting to eat turtles,” said Mark Johnson, a turtle biologist at the University of Washington.

“The population is so low that they are losing habitat, so they’re not getting enough turtles, so their food sources are getting contaminated.”

Johnson said the population has dropped to an average of 1,400 turtles per square mile, compared to more than 6,000 in the 1950s.

“We’re losing an incredible amount of biodiversity in this region, so the numbers of turtles are very, very, low,” he said.

In addition to habitat loss and pollution, the turtle’s food source has also suffered as well.

“Turtles don’t really need a lot of energy, so a lot more of it goes into food,” Johnson said.

“So they’re eating a lot less than they were a couple of decades ago, which means the turtles have less food for their own body parts, and they’re going through malnutrition and other health issues.”

Acanyonx’s diet is also being affected by the introduction of genetically modified crops, which can increase the number of turtles available for the turtle population, according Johnson.

Johnson said he was able to convince the Department of Agriculture to allow his research to be included in their draft food-monitoring plan.

“There’s an idea out there that if you increase the amount of corn in your crops, it’s going to be a lot better for the turtles,” he told ABC News.

“And there’s some kind of genetic engineering going on right now in this area that’s allowing them to eat more corn.”

Johnson and his colleagues at the Oregon State University and the University at Albany in New York have also been studying Acanonyxa’s ecology in order to better understand its impact on the turtle.

Johnson is currently working with a scientist from the University College of London to map its habitat in the region.

In his research, Johnson has been studying the turtle for more than 10 years, and he has documented some of the habitat changes.

The study, published in Ecology Letters, included over 1,000 turtle specimens collected over the course of two years.

“They have a lot to learn about what their environment looks like now,” Johnson told

“They’ve seen a lot change.”

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