An unusual chocolate box was discovered in a Swiss town and is expected to go on sale this month.

The new box, a chocolate box made by a Swedish company called M.I.C., is the first to feature chocolate chips in its contents.

It has been found in the town of Königsberg and is the product of an experiment conducted by the M.i.C. company with the aim of creating a more environmentally friendly product.

M.i and its partner M.E.

M have been working on this new box for three years.

The project has been made possible thanks to the support of the German government.

The M.e.

M chocolate box contains chocolate bars made from cocoa beans, chocolate chips and butter, all made from organic ingredients.

The company has already been able to make a few prototypes.

It is hoped that these will be made available in a larger-scale production in 2019.

“The first prototypes were made in the laboratory and then tested in the field.

We were able to develop and test the prototype with more than a dozen individuals and have already received many positive feedback from people who want to make the box,” says M.

M founder Stefan Haug.

“We have the possibility to reach many more people than we have with the first prototypes,” he adds.

The box contains around 300 different chocolate bars, each one with a unique flavor.

The bars are packaged individually with each box.

It takes two to three days to make.

The contents of the box are made with cocoa beans and butter and are processed by hand.

The company aims to make it possible for people to make their own chocolate boxes.

Haug says that the boxes will help people to enjoy their food in a healthier way.

The first box was made in December and has already received some positive feedback.

“This first box has given us some positive and useful feedback.

The first batch of chocolate boxes were created and we have already made several batches of chocolate,” he says.”

This is a great way to introduce new people to the concept of making chocolate, and to help people make healthier food choices,” he continues.

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