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‘The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have’: The World’s Most Fun and Largest Basketball Boxscore Contest

The world’s largest basketball boxscore contest has been named as one of the year’s best events by New Scientist magazine.

The contest, run by the American Basketball Association (ABA), is the oldest of its kind, and it was held at the New York City Convention Center in New York last month.

It is the biggest ever of its type in the United States, with more than 3.5 million entries.

It took place on the day after the Super Bowl, and the winner of the contest will be awarded the grand prize of $50,000 (£31,500) to cover expenses.

The top three winners will each be paid $250,000, with the winner taking home $25,000.

It will be the first time the ABA has held a contest of this size in the US, but previous attempts have all gone badly.

The competition is held at different times each year, but it is usually held in a small venue.

“I think there’s a real excitement to see it go out to the world,” said Dan Eriksson, a senior writer at the magazine.

The winning entries in the contest are presented to a panel of judges, who will choose the winners. “

The idea of the box score, being a physical object that can actually be shown to someone, is something that we’ve all been fascinated by for a long time.”

The winning entries in the contest are presented to a panel of judges, who will choose the winners.

The winners will then go on to compete in an exhibition game against an opponent from another conference, with all participants being allowed to use the same arena.

The game will be played in front of a crowd of 2,500 fans, but there is no limit to the number of times that the contest can be held.

The winner will also be flown to Los Angeles, where he will attend the final exhibition game of the season, in front the Staples Center, in Los Angeles.

“This year we had about 5,000 people in attendance, which was fantastic,” Erikssons said.

There are more than 150,000 entries in this year’s contest, which is still growing. “

That was a very emotional moment.”

There are more than 150,000 entries in this year’s contest, which is still growing.

It was organised by the New Jersey State Basketball Association, with support from the New England Basketball Association.

It runs every two years, and is held every three years.

The first three years, it was run by a team from the US state of New Jersey, which has won the event in the past.

It ended up taking place in California, and was the first of its size to take place there.

The US is not the only country where this contest has taken place, though.

The World Basketball Association was founded in 1952, and runs its competitions in the countries of the former Soviet Union, Russia, Belarus and the United Kingdom.

The biggest event in that history took place in 2006, and in the last six years, there have been five contests with more points.

The most points in the history of the World Basketball Congress is 6,621, which took place at the Melbourne International Forum in Melbourne in 2009.

There are currently two contests held every two months, and they usually run from October to March.

The latest contest took place last year, when a team led by former NBA player Steve Nash was named the winner.

The NBA announced a new format for the contest, meaning that there are no finals this year.

The last time there was a final was in 2011, when the Miami Heat defeated the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

“You never know when the games will be,” Ersson said.

“[The] question we ask each year is, ‘Is there enough time?'”

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