Barbara Lee, who starred in The Killing (1975) and is currently one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, has died.

She was 94.

Lee was an early adopter of social media, and her popularity helped catapult her into a position of power.

She became one of the highest-paid actresses of her time, earning over $20 million a year in her lifetime.

She had a son with the actor Bruce Willis, who also starred in the film, and was a frequent fixture on the Oscars red carpet.

She died on Tuesday, December 2, at her home in Los Angeles.

Her death came just a few days after she starred in another big-budget Hollywood hit, The King and I (1985), for which she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance.

Lee also appeared in the 1993 animated feature The Mask of Zorro.

She is survived by her daughter, Barbara; her husband, Bruce Willis; and their two children, Max and Chloe.

Lee’s career spanned a number of genres, including film, television, commercials, stage, and music.

She played the lead in the classic film The Mask (1975), and she was an Oscar winner for her work in The King of Comedy (1977).

Lee was born Barbara Lee in Memphis, Tennessee, on December 19, 1921.

She attended Memphis State University and graduated in 1932.

Lee moved to New York City with her family when she was 12, and she married Bruce Willis in 1947.

The couple had three children, including Chloe.

She worked as a reporter and as a waitress at the famed Harlem restaurant, The Delano, until she married Willis in 1959.

Lee and her husband relocated to New Orleans, Louisiana, where they were both stars.

After filming a television series, they went on to star in a number to create the popular TV series The Killing.

In 1973, Lee became one the biggest stars in the movie industry, becoming the second woman to win an Academy Award for her portrayal of the wife of a fictional FBI agent, Mary (Diane Lane).

Her portrayal of Mary had a dramatic impact on the public, with her portrayal on The Killing and other films sparking an anti-war movement.

Lee was nominated for her best supporting actress Oscar for the role in The Mask.

Lee later starred in a remake of the film.

The Killing (1977) earned Lee an Oscar nomination for best original screenplay for The Killing, which was directed by Robert Altman.

Lee’s first leading role in a feature film was in The Fugitive (1974), which she played the wife to the fugitive Jack Crawford, a man with an unusual and dangerous criminal past.

Lee later starred as the wife in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1974).

In 1974, Lee starred in an ABC series called The Black Box (1975).

She also appeared as the mother of a son in The Hunt for Red October (1976).

Lee later appeared as a wife in the television series The Man Behind the Camera (1979).

She later appeared in a film called The Woman Who Shot Jack Crawford (1986).

She starred in several other films, including the 1982 animated film The Last of the Black Panthers, as well as the 1998 live-action film Black Christmas (2002).

Lee has been married to Bruce Willis since 1996.

She and her third husband, Tom Wilson, have three children: Chloe, Max, and Chloe’s son, Max.

They are survived by their son, Bruce.

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