In November, Pitbull, a 7-month-old puppy from New Jersey, was adopted from a breeder after her owner’s death.

Pitbull was a great mix and a hard worker, but her owners had to put her down because of a serious medical condition.

She was the third dog from New York to be euthanized in 2017, according to the Humane Society of the United States.

Pit Bulls are also the target of puppy milling operations, according a 2016 study by the Center for Responsible Pet Owners, which found that between 2005 and 2016, a total of 2,955 Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes were sold to puppy mills across the country.

Pit Bull owner David and Julie Pinto had adopted Pitbull from the New Jersey breeder, who had a history of selling dogs to puppy mill owners.

When David Pinto was diagnosed with cancer, his dog had to be removed from the litter because the dog had not received the recommended treatment for cancer.

“Pit Bull is the best dog I have ever owned,” David Pinton told ABC News.

“She was the first dog that I ever got to be a good dad for, the only dog I ever took care of.

She is my baby and I love her more than life itself.”

After Pitbull died, her owner, Susan Smith, said in a statement, “My heart goes out to Susan and her family.

The love, love, and support she has shown my Pitbull is truly beyond words.

I can’t imagine life without her.”

The couple has since moved from New Hampshire to Colorado, where they adopted another Pit Bull, a 10-month old, named Chloe, who is now a year old.

Chloe is a mix of Pit Bull and Chihuahua, and was adopted by the Pinto family from the breeder.

Chloe’s adoptive mother, Marisa Pinto, said the Pinsons adopted Chloe after she was diagnosed in May 2016 with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a rare, aggressive form of cancer that affects the bone marrow.

“We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from the public,” Marisa said in an email to ABC News after the adoption.

“This is a very sad situation and it is a loss to us and our family.

I hope we can continue to be supportive of each other and our other dogs, and that everyone can continue their lives as they choose.”

Marisa and David Pintos adopted Chloe from the Pit Bull breeder in New Jersey in 2016.

Marisa, left, and David have two Pit Bulls named Chloe.

(Courtesy Marisa) Marisa says that Chloe was born to David Pinchon, who has a medical condition that causes him to have bone marrow problems.

Chloe was also adopted by a breeder who was on her deathbed because she had not been receiving proper treatment for the cancer, Marissa Pinchot told ABC.

The Pinchots had to euthanize Chloe in May 2017 because of the illness.

Marissa said the breeders, who were all women, had “a good working relationship” and had adopted Chloe for the first time because of her positive appearance.

“I am heartbroken that they have taken Chloe away from us,” Marissa told ABC affiliate KDVR.

“When Chloe was about 3 months old, I had a dream that I was going to be able to take her home with me and put her to sleep.”

Marissa, who also works as a registered nurse, said she and David had hoped Chloe would grow up to be the family dog that they loved.

“For us, this is the ultimate sacrifice, and it was something that we had wanted to do forever,” Marise said.

“The Pit Bull breed has been an important part of our lives since we were kids.

When Chloe was in the litter, it was the best time for us to make that sacrifice.”

Chloe’s mother, Susan, has been with Chloe since her adoption and is the main caregiver.

Marisa said she has no idea how Chloe is doing at the moment.

“As soon as Chloe was adopted, she was immediately taken care of by the [Pinchot] family,” Marisasaid.

“Susan is very loving and caring.

It is difficult to say how she is doing, but we are trying to do everything we can to keep Chloe happy and healthy.”

The Pintots have two other Pit Bulls, one named Lizzie and one named Marissa.

The couple adopted Lizzies from a dog breeder and are caring for Marissa’s other dogs.

Marisse has another dog, a Golden Retriever named Molly.

Molly, a Pit Bull mix, was born in December 2016 and has had a difficult start to her life, Marisse said.

Marisha said she had hoped to adopt Molly, but Molly has been unable to make it to the breeding center where she was born, because of treatment

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