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Kentucky’s Bento Box Goes To Market: KFC, KFC Burgers, Kmart, Kroger and McDonald’s all in the mix

Breitbart News has learned that the Kentucky Fried Chicken Company has gone into full-blown retailing mode.

Kentucky Fried chicken, K-FC and K-Mart are all in play as well.

As of late Thursday, KFCC had over 2,100 locations in all 50 states, with more in the works.

The chain has been in the business of serving the masses since 1956 and has grown to be the second largest restaurant chain in the U.S. and the largest in the world.

It has also become one of the most popular chains in the nation, with a massive following among children.

As a result, Kentucky Fried is looking to expand its footprint into other states.

KFC is in full-on retailing as well, and is planning to open a second store in South Carolina.

Kroger, which operates more than 50 locations in the states, is also working on new store openings.

The company plans to open another 10 stores this year and is expected to open about 100 more this year, said a company spokesman.

The Kroger store has been open in Lexington since 2014.

The KFC outlet opened in Lexington on March 20, 2017.

The franchisees will have to file an application with the state of Kentucky to open the second store, which is expected sometime this spring.

The Lexington Kroger will open in 2018.

“I can’t think of a better company to help us open up our state than Kentucky Fried,” said David Bowerman, owner of the Lexington Krog.

“It’s been a big help to us.”

A second Kroger in Kentucky has also been opened, and will be located at the corner of West Fourth Street and Waverly Avenue.

“We’ll be building a second KFC store in Lexington in a couple of years,” said Mike Lohr, the company’s executive vice president of sales and marketing.

“That’s our primary focus right now.”

Kentucky Fried will operate the KFC and Kroger stores in Lexington and Charleston.

The companies said they are considering opening a third KFC in Virginia, and that a fourth Kentucky Fried could open in other states as well as Canada.

The new restaurants have been approved by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

“This is going to be a big win for Kentucky Fried and the state,” said Bowermiller.

“When we look at our footprint, we see more opportunities to expand and grow.”

KFC has about 300,000 customers in the state, and it has over 1,600 restaurants nationwide.

The brand has been gaining popularity since it was created by a small Kansas family in 1956, when it was first sold in a KFC.

It is now one of America’s largest chicken and seafood companies.

The first Kentucky Fried store opened in 2006.

Kentucky’s KFC franchisees also operate about 20 other KFC restaurants in the United States.

Kentucky is a key state in the national chicken and beef supply chain, as well in terms of chicken sales.

The number of chickens being raised in Kentucky is nearly 20 million.

Kentucky will be the fifth state to see a second, expanded Kentucky Fried.

It previously had four other locations in Kentucky.

Kentucky Gov.

Matt Bevin is expected on Thursday to sign a bill that will allow the new stores to open in 2020.

The second K-Fried store will be at the Lexington Avenue and West Fourth St. location.

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