UUC boxes have long been a staple of China’s tech industry.

And that’s changing with a new Chinese startup called Husky.

The company launched its first box, a device that’s intended to house software tools that users can use to automate and automate their lives.

The boxes are meant to act as a way for users to create and share a cloud of data with others.

The UUC box is designed to work with a variety of Chinese companies, including Xiaomi, Lenovo, and Huawei.

Husky’s products have also been used in the U.S. and in Europe.

But now, the company is planning to expand into the Asia-Pacific market.

The new box will be available in three colors: black, silver, and yellow.

There’s also a black UUC that can be used with a different Chinese company.

The box is currently available for preorder on Amazon, and will be shipping in January, the Verge reported.

The Husky box is also designed to be affordable, according to the company.

A UUC can cost between $20 and $30, and a Husky Box costs around $200.

The product also features a camera that is meant to record the environment around users.

Users can also upload files to the box, and Husky will send them back to the user with the UUC attached.

The software also offers some cloud-based management features, including scheduling of meetings, and even allowing users to share their personal photos.

The box is not the first time the Chinese tech industry has started to take its technology into Asia.

In March, Google started shipping the first version of its Android-based operating system to China.

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