We’ve all been there, when you need to get something out of the house, but you can’t find it, and you want to buy a new one, but then the box just disappears.

Well, you don’t have to wait forever for your boxes to come back to life.

With a few simple steps you can get those boxes back to their glory days, at a fraction of the cost of buying new boxes.1.

Find out if there’s a box that’s a good fitFor this first step you’ll want to look for the boxes you use to store all of your photos.

Most likely you’ll be using a camera bag or the smaller photo storage box you can find in most stores.

If you’re buying a new camera bag, it will be much easier to find a box with the right size.

But if you’ve been storing photos for a while, there’s another option: you can use a box you’ve bought online.2.

Fill the box up with photos and write the detailsIf you’ve already filled your box up, you can go ahead and fill it up with more photos to write your notes on.

For example, if you have a camera box with 100 photos, you’ll need to fill up your box with 10, 10, and 10 more photos, and so on.

But there’s nothing stopping you from writing down your notes as you go. 3.

Check your box’s dimensions to make sure it fits your camera bagIf you don’st know the dimensions of your box, you might be able to use a camera app to find them.

For the iPad, use Camera+ to find your camera box’s footprint.

If the box is larger than a smartphone, use the app Size to find the size of your phone’s footprint and the box’s depth.


If your box is too small for your camera, cut it down to fitYour camera bag can also help you determine if your box fits your smartphone.

For this step, we’ll assume you have one camera bag with 100 or fewer photos.

If it fits in your smartphone’s box, then your box should fit your smartphone, because the smartphone will need to fit inside the box.

If not, then the camera bag should fit inside your camera phone.

If this isn’t the case, it might be best to cut down your camera bags size to fit the smartphone’s size.5.

Measure the size and shape of your camera’s boxYou’ll want your box to fit into your smartphone box’s size and make sure the camera’s footprint doesn’t overlap with the phone’s.

The shape of the camera bags footprint should be roughly the same as the size the phone will need.6.

Measure your camera and print it outThe next step is to measure the size, shape, and depth of your boxes.

If a box is big enough, it’ll be easy to cut out a small hole and print out your photos on it.

If an area isn’t big enough for a phone, it’s better to print it to make it easy to open.7.

Use the camera app on your smartphone to print your photosThe next time you need a photo, your smartphone will automatically open your camera app and print a digital photo of your photo, so you can save it.

Just open your smartphone and tap the “Print” button.8.

Take your photos to your phoneNow that you have your photos, it makes sense to take them to your smartphone for printing.

Open your smartphone app and tap “Photos.”9.

Print the photos to a camera cardNow that your photos are in your phone, you need your smartphone camera card to print the photos.

This will take the phone card’s photo of the photo and save it to the camera card.

Open the camera application and tap your photo in the camera menu.

You’ll see a list of your pictures in the photo card’s card window.

Select the “Paste” option, and your photos will appear in the Camera menu.10.

Take the photos you’ve saved on your phone to your cameraThe photos you saved on the phone should be easy enough to print out.

To take a photo of a photo on your camera card, tap it in the card’s menu and then tap “Photo.”11.

Make a copy of the photos on your computerIf you want, you could also use your computer to make copies of your files.

In this step we’re assuming you have Photoshop and Lightroom installed on your PC.

Open Lightroom and tap File > Export to Mac.

Select your file and tap Export to Windows.12.

Copy the photos onto your camera or computerNext, you want the photos that you’ve made on your iPhone or computer to be printed onto a paper or camera card so you could have them on your mobile phone or computer.

Open Photo Library on your Mac and drag the photos from your iPhone to your computer, then open the Camera app and select the Photo you just made.

Tap “Save to Card” and

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