With the box clean and a new box in the oven, it’s time to do a little cleaning.

But is there a better way to do it?

The best cleaning solution can be achieved by putting some cereal in a bowl and pouring a little cereal into the bowl to remove some of the particles.

This works well if the bowl is large enough and you don’t have too much space.

But it’s best if you have a bowl that is fairly big and narrow to avoid the cereal particles coming out.

You can also use a spoon to scoop cereal out.

This may not work with large bowls but it is more forgiving if you are careful with it.

It’s important to note that if you’re using a small bowl, you may need to pour cereal into a bowl of a slightly larger size.

You may also need to take a cereal scoop and place it in the bowl.

This will help to dislodge some of your cereal particles from the bowl and will also allow you to scoop some out of the bowl with the spoon.

Now you have cleaned the box, you can either put it back into the oven to bake for a little longer or remove it.

The best way to remove cereal boxes is by placing a clean cereal box in a clean bowl, pouring a few tablespoons of cereal into that bowl and then pouring it back in.

If you’re worried about cereal particles getting stuck in the box you can use a sponge to scrape the cereal out and then remove the cereal from the box.

This will remove some cereal particles.

You will then need to put the cereal back in the tin to allow the cereal to dry out completely.

If the cereal is still not good after baking, you will need to try and remove some by gently pressing the cereal into it with a spatula.

This is a very gentle method and can be done with a spoon or a handkerchief.

If all this sounds like a lot of work and you’re just not sure what to do, you could always do the following:Read our guide to removing a cereal bottle clean

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