What to wear: Braids are the most popular and trendy hairstyle for men, but many women also like to sport styles that are more feminine.

But some braids are more than just a fashion statement.

Here are 10 hairstyles that are not just trendy, but also helpful.1.

The French knotThe French knot is one of the most well-known hairstyles of the French, but it’s not one that most women can do alone.

There are different types of French knots and they can be found all over the world.

Here’s a look at how to choose one that suits you best.2.

The German knotThe German knot is very similar to the French knot, but the German knot has a little more of a “man” look.

It’s a little thicker and has a slightly more rounded shape.

But it’s more relaxed than the French.3.

The Italian knotThe Italian knot is also very similar.

It has a straight, pointed tip and the hair is shorter than the other knots.

But there’s also a little bit of movement in the hair and it’s easier to pull on.4.

The Norwegian knotThe Norwegian knot has some of the same properties as the German knots, but there’s more movement in hair.

This one’s also easier to keep straight.5.

The Brazilian knotThe Brazilian knot is an all-over-the-map hairstyle.

It can be a man’s hairstyle, a woman’s hairstyles, a mix, or it’s a combination of all three.

Here is what to wear.6.

The Hawaiian knotThe Hawaiian knot is a straight-backed, straight-cut hairstyle that can be worn for all kinds of occasions.

It also has a “girl” look that is a bit more feminine than the Italian knot.7.

The Russian knotThe Russian knot has its own unique look.

Like the Hawaiian knot, the Russian knot is usually shorter, but some women also love the Russian look and think it looks cool.

Here you can see it in action.8.

The Bulgarian knotThe Bulgarian knot is definitely a “woman’s” hairstyle and can be made up of several different types.

There’s a straight cut that’s longer and it can also be a little longer.9.

The Japanese knotThe Japanese knot is similar to one of our other favorite hairstyles because of its curly-headed tip.

It tends to have a little extra volume in the ends.

You can even wear a little of the hair as a braids.10.

The Scottish knotThe Scottish knot has been a favorite of many people since the early 1900s, but you can find this hairstyle on women as well.

Here, you can get a little help in choosing a braided style.

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