I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the Elite Trainer Box from Under Armour.

It’s a box that can hold your clothes, your shoes, your socks, and even your underwear. 

It’s also a drawer box, so that you can easily organize your clothes.

And because the Elite is so durable, you don’t have to worry about your stuff being damaged while you’re working out. 

But if you’re looking for a simple, practical way to organize your clothing, you might want to check out this article on how to build one. 

The idea is pretty simple: you use the Elite to hold everything you need, and you then add a drawer to the top of the box. 

To build this box, you’ll need some cardboard and some glue, and the basics of glue are covered in my previous article on building a Lego Lego wardrobe. 

What you’ll Need: If you don�t already have some cardboard, you can buy a lot of it online.

But there are a few basic tools that you’ll want to have on hand: A hammer and an orbital sander (this can be used to cut cardboard or cut wood, but it�s recommended that you use it for the two-step process).

A drill.

If using a drill, you will want to make sure it�ll be able to cut through cardboard as well as wood.

The sander is also useful for cutting through the cardboard, but I usually leave it out of my work because it�t as strong as a sander that I�ll use for making nails.

You will also want to use some sort of wood glue.

Here�s how you�ll glue up your box: First, take some wood glue and coat it in some glue.

You can also use a water-based glue.

If you�re using wood glue, make sure that it�re not too thick or too thin.

Then use your orbital sichter to gently crush the wood into small pieces, like a pebble.

Next, using the orbital sider, carefully hammer your nails into the wood pieces.

Don�t try to apply pressure to the nail-like pieces as you do this, because you will break them up when you hammer.

Then, you should be able use your sander to slowly cut through the wood.

You will want this process to be slow and gentle. When you�ve finished, carefully slide the pieces of wood that you made into the box with the sander.

You should see a shiny, smooth surface.

Now that you�m done, it�d be a good idea to make a little bit of glue for the drawer, too.

Use some glue from the drill to apply a layer of glue to the box and the drawer pieces. Once you�d added the glue, gently sand down the surface of the drawer box to remove any surface imperfections. Once you�ld have the drawer and box assembled, it would be a great time to paint them a nice color.

For the drawer drawer, you�cll need: A piece of cardboard.

A piece of wood.

(Wood is a good choice because it is durable, and also because wood is a natural glue that will adhere well to cardboard.)

A plastic container.

And a glue stick.

To paint the drawer: Take your piece of wooden box and put it in the drawer.

Paint it a nice shade of brown, and then lightly sand down its edges.

Remove any excess glue that has been applied.

Next, you want to paint the wooden box a color similar to the color of the wood that has come into contact with the cardboard.

For this example, I used some blue-based paint that was slightly too bright.

Paint the drawer with a different color.

I used the same color of paint for both the drawer piece and the box, but you could use a darker color.

Once your pieces are all painted, slide the box into the drawer until it�is flush with the drawer base.

Now that the drawer is flush with your work area, you need to paint your drawer piece with a paint that is a similar shade of blue. 

I used a color called Red Glue.

You could also use any color that you like, and use it as a basecoat for your drawer.

Finally, paint the piece of plastic that you want the drawer to fit into, using a similar color to the wood you�t been sanding down.

For example, you could paint your piece with some dark blue paint.

Paint the drawer as well, and apply a second coat of paint on top of that.

I used this color to paint a drawer piece for the Under Armour gym kit, which is a nice way to represent the color that Under Armour uses.

You don�m need to do this for every box,

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