Boxing promoter Floyd Mayweather Jr. is not interested in buying jewelry or other luxury items to enhance his boxers’ appearance.

The billionaire boxer’s trainer Freddie Roach told ESPN on Monday that Mayweather was looking for something different in terms of a piece of jewelry for his boxing gloves and ring.

“He’s interested in something more substantial than jewelry,” Roach said.

“He doesn’t want to buy a diamond, which would be too expensive.”

What he’s really looking for is something more meaningful than a diamond.

He’s looking for a piece that he can keep in his hand.

It’s something he can use for a long time, so that he won’t have to worry about it.

“Roach said Mayweather was also looking to have a boxing ring or belt made by a local jeweler.

Mayweather had previously said he wanted a “tactical” ring that he could use in the ring, but the trainer said that wasn’t the case.”

You have to have the ring with the belt in it because you can’t have a real ring,” Roa said.”

If you have the belt with the ring and the ring is a little bit bigger, then that will give you the ability to use the ring as a tactical weapon.

“The trainer said Mayweather would need to weigh the cost of the item against the potential savings in time and effort needed to make it.”

We’re not saying that it’s worth $2 million to have your ring in a box for $300,000, but it’s going to be something that he’s going look for,” he said. 

He wants to keep the box,” Roaches said.

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