BOXES of cornell boxes are to be stopped from being sent to the US from the US.

The US Postal Service said on Wednesday it would stop shipping cornells to the UK, France, Spain and Italy as a precautionary measure.

The boxes, which contain corneas, were sent to Australia, Australia, Germany, Canada and Mexico, and will be sent to their final destinations, the USPS said.

Corneas are typically used in medical imaging tests.USPS said the corneal transplant procedure, known as corneocortical valve replacement, can cost about $300,000 and requires several hours of surgery.

“The decision to stop the delivery of cornea boxes to the United States is not based on cost but rather the safety of our customers,” the USPS spokeswoman, Sarah Cusick, said in a statement.

“We will continue to work with our customers to help ensure their safety.”

The UK Post Office said it was still selling cornell and was investigating the move.

“While we are working with our international partners to determine the best course of action, we can confirm that we are no longer selling cornelle boxes in the UK,” the UK Post office said in an emailed statement.

The UK is one of a handful of countries that have banned corneacortical valves, which are used to prevent the closure of blood vessels that could leak blood, but it’s the first time the US has taken action.US President Donald Trump on Wednesday called the move by the US Postal service “ridiculous”.

“I’m going to stop corneocytes from coming into the United Kingdom and it’s not even based on the cost,” Trump said.

“It’s going to be ridiculous.”

In recent months, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also been reviewing the use of corneecortical vesicles, a class of drugs used to treat blood vessel disorders including aortic dissection, and has suggested a ban on them could be considered.

In May, the FDA said it would not regulate corneicortical ventral valves, although it has issued a rule on the matter.

“It’s very sad to see,” said Dr Stephen S. Burd, an endocrinologist at Harvard Medical School in Boston.

“They are not used to this and they are being used in a way that is not intended, and that is really sad.”

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