A new study finds that people who have been exposed to wig-like extensions have an increased risk of developing facial hair.

According to the study published online in the journal BMC Dermatology, the researchers found that participants who had been exposed had an increased chance of developing a hairline and hair loss pattern that would be associated with the use of wig-based extensions.

This means that a person who uses an extension may be more likely to suffer from a disorder of the hair follicle called Folliculostomy-Associated Hair Loss.

This is the third study to look at this issue, and is part of a larger study that was launched last year.

In the new study, researchers asked 2,200 participants to report their lifetime exposure to cosmetic products that included wig extensions.

Participants who had used extensions in the past six months were asked to complete a questionnaire about their hair condition.

This data was then analyzed using an analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) to see if there was any relationship between wig-related facial hair and hair condition, and if there were any other factors that could affect the participants’ hair condition as well.

Participants who reported an increased likelihood of developing hair loss and associated facial hair were more likely than participants who did not report any cosmetic products exposure to develop hair loss at a later date.

This increased risk was statistically significant when participants who used extensions had a higher likelihood of having had facial hair at the time of the survey.

This research could potentially help shed light on why some people develop facial hair, while others don’t.

While there are no treatments for Follication-Associated Follicular Dystrophy (FAFD), the researchers say that this could be an important avenue for future research.

“There is a great need for studies that will investigate the role of cosmetic products in the development of hair loss,” said study author, Rachel A. Wahlstrom, MD, MPH, from the Department of Dermatological Surgery at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

The study also found that the increased risk for FAFD was associated with an increase in the number of hairs lost.

“These findings highlight the importance of identifying the factors that increase the risk of FAFDs, as well as the potential role of hair extensions in this epidemic,” Dr Wahlsten said.

The researchers recommend that consumers with FAFDM and/or other hair loss disorders monitor their hair and make adjustments to their hair care routine.

For more information about Follical Follicle Disease, see www.follicule.org

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