Box jellyfish boxes are getting more affordable, and are also gaining more attention.

The new box from Amazon is a new type of box, one that doesn’t use a rigid base and is made of anodized aluminum, and it’s the first of its kind to ship from Amazon.

While the box itself is fairly basic, the idea behind it is to make boxes more accessible.

In a video that Amazon released earlier this month, a customer named Jason shows how the box can be set up for easy storage and transport.

The box itself can store up to 30 pounds of goods, with a capacity of 2,400 square feet, and has a weight capacity of 1,400 pounds.

Amazon is already shipping boxes that can hold up to 500 pounds of items.

A more complicated version of the box, known as the “Huge Box,” was also recently unveiled.

The large box, called the “Big Box,” can hold 4,200 square feet of goods and is about two-thirds the size of the Big Box.

Amazon says that the Big box can also be shipped to customers in countries that do not have standard shipping methods.

Amazon’s boxes are made from aluminum, with the top being a flat sheet of aluminum.

The company says that it can make the box much more durable than a standard plastic box, because it uses anodizing and is coated with a protective coating.

Amazon did not disclose how much it would cost for a box of this size, but the company says the box will be available for about $1,500.

Amazon has also recently launched a “box” version of its Amazon Prime service that will offer Prime members access to Amazon’s own boxes, with an added layer of security.

Amazon doesn’t have an exact price for the box or the service yet, but it will be priced at $99 a year.

For more information on the Amazon box, see our previous coverage.

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