A toybox killer could be a boon to families desperate for a toy that can help their children survive the winter.

The Irish Times is reporting that a toy box killer could make its debut at a local toy store, in an attempt to curb the number of plastic toys littering the streets.

The device uses a toy-shaped plastic box that is inserted into the body of the child and the box is sealed off from the rest of the family.

The box is then set into a hole in the ground and is then released.

The toy is then allowed to settle for a few days, allowing it to break down.

The idea is that children who are trapped inside the box will be more likely to survive.

“It’s about the survival of the fittest, that’s what we want,” said a toy store owner who asked not to be named.

He said the idea was to give children a safe place to live, rather than a toy which they might find hard to escape.

“We don’t want children to live in the house, but instead have a safe, secure place where they can go,” he said.

The toybox can be bought for about €30, and the owner said he would be able to keep a large number of them in stock.

The concept of the toybox is being pioneered by a Dublin company called Gartner.

The company’s founder and managing director, Adam Taggart, said the toy box could be “a new model of toy storage”.

“The idea behind it is that we can take the existing toy boxes and put them in a new form,” he told the Irish Times.

“With this, you’re not having to buy a new toy box to put in the toyboxes.

You can just put the toy boxes in the existing toys, and that’s it.”

The concept is to take that old toy box and put it in a box and you can put in whatever you want.

You’ll just have to store it in the box, and then you’ll just throw the box out.

“If you want to buy the toy you can buy the box.

You just have the old toy in there, and it’s the same as if you had the old box.”

Taggart added that the toy could be sold to the public for a relatively small sum.

“There are people who will spend a lot of money on a toy, and if they can find a way to keep it, I think they’ll buy it,” he added.

In February, the Toy Box Association of Ireland launched a campaign to encourage toy store owners to sell toys which could be found on sale in toy stores.

The campaign, which started on Twitter, had so far seen more than 20,000 tweets and 1,000 Facebook posts.

The Toy Box Society, which has been campaigning to get the toy trade to stop stocking plastic toys, said it was “delighted” with the toy maker’s plans.

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