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A new TV show is about to air on Sky One and Netflix with all the stars you want to watch

Sky One has announced it is to air a new show called The Stars We Watch With This TV Show, and it will feature the likes of Nick Grimshaw, Ben Barnes, Michael Winterbottom, John McEnroe and Chris Alcock, along with the likes a host of celebrities from across the UK and around the world.

The show will air on Tuesday 22 April, and is the first of two to be made available to Sky subscribers.

Sky One also confirmed it will be making the series available to Netflix subscribers in the UK.

“It’s the first time we have made the programme available to other platforms, which will allow us to better explore the range of people who have interests in television,” a spokesperson for Sky said.

“The programme will be available to our customers in the coming months, and we look forward to seeing what other shows and talent we can make available to them.”

Sky One said the new series will be part of its original series line-up, and will be produced by the same people behind The Big Bang Theory, The Night Manager and The Thick of It.

It will be the first Sky One original series to be produced on-demand.

The new series is also the first to feature all the main stars from the original series, alongside guests who have appeared in the series.

The stars are: Nick Grimshaws Nick Grimhire is the former BBC Radio 4 host, who has also appeared in Doctor Who, The Last Ship and Game of Thrones.

He is best known for his work on the Doctor Who spin-off series, Doctor Who: The Final Adventure, which was made into a movie in 2017.

He has also worked with BBC1 on the BBC’s The Night Of.

He recently returned to the BBC as a regular on Doctor Who and his first series on The Big Brother show.

He also played the role of John McCone in the first two seasons of The Bigger Bang Theory.

He was also in the lead role in the BBC sitcom series The Last Man on Earth.

He now stars as Mark the Headless Horseman in the TV series Big Brother.

Michael Winterdowns Michael Winterdown is best remembered for his role as Mark from The Big Sleep, a recurring character in which he played the character Mark.

He then became a regular part-timer on The X Factor and the BBC2 comedy series The Biggest Loser, where he guest-starred in episodes like the one where he tried to kiss a contestant.

He had also played James Bond in the films Die Another Day and Tomorrow Never Dies.

He currently stars in the hit BBC2 sitcom The Party.

Chris Alcoff Chris Alcough is best-known for his appearances on the television series The Office, including his starring role in Season 1, which also featured James Bond.

He became a guest star on the show from 2006 to 2010, and also guest-stars in the current series, The Big Break.

He will now be a regular in the new Big Brother series.

John Mcenroe John McEntreaves is best seen as the boss in the US series The Apprentice, where his character was voiced by Kevin Costner.

The former Apprentice contestant has also starred in films such as the James Bond spin-offs Goldfinger, Tomorrow Never Rings and Quantum of Solace.

He starred in the 2017 TV film The Impossible, and his last role was in the comedy-drama Bigger, Faster, Stronger, Better.

He stars in The Big Chill, a Netflix original series set in the fictional town of Nellys, Scotland.

Ben Barnes Ben Barnes is best know for his portrayal of John McClane in the Bond films, Die Another Death, Tomorrow never Dies and Quantum.

He played the villainous character in both films.

He later appeared in a film version of The Hobbit called The Siege of the Dark Tower.

He plays a character in the British crime drama series The Crown, and in the upcoming series West End Horror.

He previously played the lead in the film Bigger Than Dirt.

He said: “I have been a big fan of The Apprentice and Bigger than Dirt and the series Bigger Then Dirt and Biger than Dirt 2 for years.

Chris Alcolts Chris Alcox is best recognised as the voice of the late John McClanahan in the movies Bigger and Stronger. “

I’m a huge Bond fan, so it’s nice to see the series being made available on Sky and I am excited about it.”

Chris Alcolts Chris Alcox is best recognised as the voice of the late John McClanahan in the movies Bigger and Stronger.

He voiced the villain in the 2013 film Big, Strong and a few years later, The Bourne Legacy.

He subsequently guest-wrote for the series for the BBC.

He appeared in The Apprentice on the series from 2006 and has also played his iconic role as the main antagonist in the popular TV series The Man in Black, the 1980 film starring Harrison Ford.

He appears in The

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