$25 million for ‘safe box’ program to prevent money laundering in Canada

A Toronto-based company is selling a safe box that will keep $25,000 in cash in the vault.

The box will be a key feature of a new initiative to combat money laundering.

“This is a really important piece of the puzzle,” said CEO and co-founder Paul Kavanagh.

“It’s a way to prevent a lot of money laundering, particularly for international money flows.”

The safe box, which is currently in the development phase, will include a lock that will prevent money launderers from accessing the money.

Kavanagh said the box is being developed in partnership with the federal government and Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.

He said it’s designed to reduce the risk of money being moved through the system, and also to increase the security of Canadians’ money.

“The goal is to create an ecosystem of trust and accountability where people have confidence they’re safe from money laundering,” he said.

This is going to be a big part of our strategy for the future.

“The Safe Box program is part of a broader effort to improve the safety of Canadians, according to the Canadian Association for Public Service.

Kavaugh said the idea for the box came to him while he was working on a documentary about the RCMP.”

The company is also selling a lock box that it will use to prevent people from accessing their money. “

I decided to build a box for that, and the idea was to give the box to people who need it, so it could be used for legitimate purposes.”

The company is also selling a lock box that it will use to prevent people from accessing their money.

(CBC)The SafeBox box is expected to be sold by a company called Bontor, which has been producing safe boxes for years.

Kavanah said the company has a team of about 40 people, including people from the RCMP, Canada Border Services Agency and the Canadian International Development Agency.

The box has a lock system that is designed to keep money out of the safe.

“It’s one of the best security systems I’ve ever seen,” said Bontors head of security, Michael Laitin.

The lock box is made of reinforced plastic, with an extra layer of material on the inside to keep it from falling apart.

Kavaugh says it has been in the Canadian military for 20 years, and he says it is one of his favourite tools.

“When we get a box like this, we’re always amazed, because you know, it’s just so secure,” he explained.

The company has been working on safe boxes since at least 2008.

It first went into production in 2010, but it was quickly discontinued due to security issues.

But now, the company is in talks to restart production.

Kovanagh said they have been approached by multiple governments about helping build the box.

“We’ve seen governments interested in this, so we’re very excited to get the go ahead,” he added.

“We’re going to do it, and I think it’s going to go down well with Canadians.”

The product will be available to Canadians at some point, but Kavanag said they want to get it out to as many people as possible.

“You have to have an infrastructure to support this kind of product,” he noted.

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