From finished goods to custom components, Carlson manufactures superior products proven by undisputed quality and durability.

Our job is to provide solutions to the challenges faced by our customers.  That philosophy is at the heart of everything we do at Carlson Products.  It is how we add value and become a true partner with our customers.  

Quality materials. Superior anodizing. Durability with style. Advanced metal crafting that shows. 



  • Bakeware used in over 25,000 restaurants worldwide
  • Superior Doors, trusted by retailers, humane societies and the military
  • Reliable supplier of custom components to industry-leading companies

Carlson enjoys national leadership in its finished products and custom components, as well as customer satisfaction and long relationships. Manufacturing processes and team expertise have been refined over the years to achieve advanced metal crafting that shows.


Fast turnarounds, often in just a day or two

  • Concepts, Designs, Prototypes, Manufacturing and Shipping Arrangements
  • Lab Alpha Tests
  • Beta Tests
  • Full National or International Rollouts


Anodized aluminum, our specialty

  • Highest Runs, Quick Turnarounds
  • In Bakeware, Carlson has the ability to produce over 15,000 units of Anodized Aluminum per day.
  • Your Custom Job. No Problem.


Less expense with faster turns and fixes

  • Fewer Disruptions to Production
  • Weld Fixtures
  • Die Design and Build